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The jungle DB09498
Sinclair, Upton. Reading time: 14 hours, 21 minutes.
Read by Sam Gray.

Political Fiction

Published in 1906, this novel aroused the indignation of the American public and forced a government investigation that lead to passage of the pure food laws. Vividly depicts factory life in the meat-packing industry as seen through the eyes of a young immigrant. Violence.
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The jungle / DB52961
Sinclair, Upton. Reading time: 16 hours, 20 minutes.
Read by Annie Wauters.

Political Fiction

Grim account of the deplorable conditions in the Chicago meatpacking industry around 1900, as seen through the eyes of Lithuanian immigrant Jurgis Rudkus. When first published, the novel aroused the indignation of the American public and forced government investigations that led to the passage of pure food legislation. 1985 introduction. Some violence. 1906.
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An ardent activist, champion of political reform, novelist, and progressive journalist, Upton Sinclair is perhaps best known today for The Jungle -- his devastating exposé of the meat-packing industry. A protest novel he privately published in 1906, the book was a shocking revelation of intolerable labor practices and unsanitary working conditions in the Chicago stockyards. It quickly became a bestseller, arousing public sentiment and resulting in such federal legislation as the Pure Food and Drug Act.|The brutally grim story of a Slavic family who emigrates to America, The Jungle tells of their rapid and inexorable descent into numbing poverty, moral degradation, and social and economic despair. Vulnerable and isolated, the family of Jurgis Rudkus struggles -- unsuccessfully -- to survive in an urban jungle.A powerful view of turn-of-the-century poverty, graft, and corruption, this fiercely realistic American classic is still required reading in many history and literature classes. It will continue to haunt readers long after they've finished the last page.
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