Tek Talk will be presenting Ken Metz (me) and all of you interested in discussing future Tek Talk Programs

We will be discussing the types of programs you would like to hear on Tek Talk based on what will be interesting to a majority of the audience, and not just for one individual. I will record this as I do with every other Tek Talk program and perhaps form a new committee of interested folks to work with me on a regular basis to plan well ahead so that these program newswires can always go out a week prior to any program airs. I know that this may sound unimportant, but I see it as the exact opposite in order to give you the best programs possible. You, the audience, are Tek Talk, and I cherish your input.

Co-Chair: Ken Metz
Email: kenmetz1946@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Alan Lemly
Email: walemly@gmail.com