Tek Talk Welcomes Gene Asner to give us an important tip. We shall also present an overview of the CSUN Conference

I will discuss one simple practice that can make using a browser much mor convenient and efficient at times. Though many users may know of this feature, they are likely not to use it often, which means extra work and less efficiency.

I will also discuss a recording program that has been given a Windows interface by a blind tech. The reasons this matters is that this is a simple program for those without much technical knowledge and, perhaps more important, it also allows for recording even if the sound card being used doesn't support recording the output of the sound card. This is a real problem for many computer users who want to record things such as Internet streams or other material such as their screen-reader when preparing a tutorial.

Starting with Vista, it has been increasingly difficult to find sound cards that will do this kind of recording and the program I will be discussing allows you to do it regardless of whether your sound card supports it or not.


On Monday April 18 we'll spend the Tek-Talk evening discussing CSUN and the activities that took place.
Ken Metz, Steve Bauer, Larry Gassman and John Gassman talked with several people from various assistive technology companies about their new offerings.
We may even play an interview and demo during the show.
You can always contact the four of us by email if you wish.