Tek Talk presents Part Two of its annual Stocking Stuffers Program

We will be presenting our last four vendors for this year over a three-hour program to get you ready for the Christmas Holiday season shopping spree, completing our eight vendors for this year. They will include:

AT Guys: 4:05-4:45 PM
APH: 4:50-5:30 PM
Speak To Me Catalog: 5:35-6:25 PM,
LS&S: 6:30-7:05 PM.

We will be taking five minute health/stretch/food breaks, time permitting, between each vendor.

We are certain that by the end of this program you will have had an opportunity to pick up most or all of your holiday gift-giving presents with these great vendors. Some vendors will also be offering special discounts during this program.

We look forward to having you in the chat room with us and having a great time.

Co-Chair: Ken Metz

Co-Chair: Alan Lemly