Tek Talk Presents M Malik from A.T. Kratter and John Taylor, from ViewPlus to give an update on Dolphin Products

This Monday's Tek Talk program will present both M. Malik from the A.T. Kratter Company and John Taylor from ViewPlus to discuss the latest updates and products from the Dolphin Company located in the United Kingdom.

Malik's bio reads as follows:

Malik is the general manager at A.T. KRATTER & CO. INC., a company dedicated to providing the best technology available for people with the full range of visual impairments and for those with a variety of learning disabilities. Malik brings a decade of experience to the assistive technology industry. He is the former assistive technology instructor/community liaison at Junior Blind of America, an organization recognized for its work with children and adults who are blind, visually impaired and/or multiply disabled for the past 60 years.
Malik's work in assistive technology covers a broad range of roles and services. He works in conjunction with partner companies to ensure that individuals who are blind or visually impaired receive the best assistive technology and training available.
Since becoming part of A.T. KRATTER, Malik has helped increase the training program at A.T. KRATTER. His goal has been for individuals who are blind and visually impaired to learn to use the technology available to them. He has also developed a series of assistive technology workshops in which students can learn about distinct types of assistive technology. Overall, Malik strives to give individuals who are blind or visually impaired independence through assistive technology.

A. T. KRATTER & Co., Inc.
General Manager
12062 Valley View St., #109
Garden Grove, CA 92845
Tel: 714-799-3000
Fax: 714-799-3100

John Taylor's bio is as follows:

John Taylor brought a background in IT to the assistive technology field in 2010, when he joined the staff at ViewPlus, focusing on customer/technical support and marketing for their tactile graphics embossers. John was named Product Manager at Irie-AT Inc. in 2015 and since has become the nation’s main support agent for Dolphin, INDEX and numerous other braille and low-vision brands. The majority of John’s time is dedicated to traveling the United States to train schools and other agencies on use of Dolphin software, INDEX Braille, tactile graphics, and solutions for supporting STEM students who are visually-impaired

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