Tek Talk presents Ken Twergo from The Low Vision Store Regarding the Orcam Reading System

Ken Twergo met his partner Patty White in Arizona. Patty began to lose her vision due to a Macular difficulty, and Ken decided to learn about low vision aids that would assist Patty in being able to read and somewhat improve her low vision environment as well as remaining independence. Ken traveled to numerous places to learn about low vision devices. They eventually partnered in forming a company dealing with low vision and eventually moved to Idaho where they improved their business and later moved to Vancouver, WA where the business finally became The Low Vision Store.
Ken will be talking to us about The  Low Vision Store focusing on the Israeli developed Orcam Reading Device and explaining to us just how this system works. Totally blind folks can also benefit through the Orcam device with its ability to also utilize speech.
Time permitting, we will hear about other types of low vision devices carried by The Low Vision Store.
You can contact Ken Twergo directly at ken@thelowvisionstore.net, and can also obtain further product information on their web site, www.thelowvisionstore.net.
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