Tek Talk presents Kelly Egan and Ken Goulston from the Sprint Wireless Disability Center

Kelly Egan and Ken Goulston will be discussing the Sprint Wireless Disability Center and how they can assist blind and deaf customers with Sprint products and services. There may also be some special programs with reduced cost packages for Sprint's disabled consumers.

Kelly's bio is as follows:

During her career, Kelly has had the privilege of building successful programs and teams within a number of organizations promoting the employment of individuals with disabilities.
Kelly is passionate about positioning Sprint as a leader in the blind and low vision community.
As a member of the blind and low vision community, Kelly brings a unique perspective to Sprint in her new position as Customer Relationship Manager. During the past five years, Kelly has experienced the challenges of blindness and is able to draw upon her experience to develop specialized services, plans, accessible devices and support for Sprint to offer to blind and low vision individuals.
Kelly is always accompanied by her guide dog Hope. The two have had the amazing opportunity to represent Sprint for the past one and a half years at a variety of blind and low vision events around the country.
Kelly was born in Southern California and graduated from UCLA. She has been a Colorado resident for the past 20 years.

Ken’s bio is as follows:

Ken Goulston
Account Executive
Sprint Relay Store

Ken Goulston currently serves as Account Executive for Sprint Relay Store within Sprint in Naples, Florida. Ken is responsible for sales of Sprint’s Relay Wireless services for Deaf and hard of hearing consumers throughout the country.

Before becoming the Account Executive, Ken was the Account Manager for Washington State, Montana, Utah, Florida and South Carolina, where he was responsible for marketing the telecommunications relay services for Sprint. Prior to this position, Ken worked as a senior sales representative in telecommunications equipment for Ultratec and Weitbrecht Company. On his personal time, Ken visited over 90 countries in world where he faces many deaf and hard of hearings people.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Theory and Practice in Business administration from California State University in Northridge.

Kelly's contact information is:
Kelly Egan
Customer Relations Manager
Blind / Low Vision Outreach
M: 720 988 6744

Ken’s contact information is:
Kenneth Goulston
Account Executive
866 656 3001 (VP) / 866 948 0495 (Fax)

Co-Chair, Ken Metz

Co-Chair: Alan Lemly