Tek Talk presents Julian Vargas to discuss malware and its effects in the home and business environments

Julian is a Mobile Assistive Technology Specialist who believes
that Mobile Assistive Technology is the future. Empowering blind
and low-vision users to better understand and harness the full potential afforded by both specialized and mainstream technologies to
help us live fuller and richer lives is his passion. As a trainer
he teaches people how to use many of today's popular mobile solutions such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and the many
powerful apps that are available to increase independence and
productivity. Through consultation he helps people make informed
choices that will best serve their individual and specific needs.

He has presented at the Best in Tech Conference, the CCLVI/ACB
National Convention, The Braille Institute in Los Angeles as well as
several events hosted by the NFBC San Fernando Valley Chapter.
Thanks to AIRSLA (Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles), he contributes to several Podcasts
dedicated to the discussion of mobile and other Assistive Technology solutions.

Today, Julian will share information with us about the various types of scams and malware attacks that are becoming far too prevalent and are causing damage and serious problems to companies, government agencies and individuals via the technology that we rely on daily, such as our computers, mobile devices and even our home phones. Ever heard of phishing, smishing, ramsomware, or neighbor spoofing? These are the names of some of the latest types of attacks and scam calls that we all need to watch out for and know what to do when we encounter them. He will also share strategies, techniques and solutions that can make us far less likely to become a victim of the many unscrupulous hackers that are out there seeking to take advantage of us.

If you would like to contact Julian Vargas to arrange for individual or group training, consulting, tech support, demonstration or presentation of the power of today’s Mobile Assistive Technology solutions, please contact him at the following:

By Phone: 818-794-9554
Website: www.techjv.com

Co-Chair, Ken Metz
Email: kenmetz1946@gmail.com

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