Tek Talk featuring Gabe Griffith from HumanWare’s Tech Support Group

Gabe will be discussing a variety of products from HumanWare, and how their Tech Support works. He will also give us some of the upcoming updates to the Victor Reader Stream, Second Generation, and what they will mean to the end user.

Gabe's bio is as follows:

“I have been with HumanWare for about 11 years. I started in customer Service, worked with the service department for a short time and have now been in Technical support for several years. I have been around for the development of most of HumanWare's current product line including the Victor Stream and BrailleNote products.
When I am not doing tech support, I enjoy long distance swimming, listening to sports, spending time with friends, and am active in the blind community. I am currently the Second Vice President of the California Council of the Blind.”

Co-Chair, Ken Metz
Email: kenmetz1946@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Alan Lemly
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