Tek talk featuring Alexander Hauerslev Jensen and the history and future of “Be My Eyes”


Alexander Hauerslev Jensen is one of the three team members in Be My Eyes. Alexander is a passionate entrepreneur who loves social change and positive impact in the world. Before pursuing opportunities with Be My Eyes, Alexander has previously had several startups.

Even though many blind and visually impaired people can go about their lives without assistance, there are situations where an extra pair of helpful eyes is invaluable. Be My Eyes enables blind and visually impaired people to get visual assistance from sighted volunteers who can explain what the end users are seeing through a live video connection.

Since Be My Eyes was launched, sighted volunteers have helped our blind and visually impaired users hundreds of thousands of times. The volunteers help with everything from distinguishing between products and reading aloud, to navigation, technical support, and much more. To date, Be My Eyes consist of more than 32.000 blind and visually impaired who are being helped by more than 455,000 sighted volunteers. Our community spans 150 countries, and we blind and visually impaired can request help in 90 languages.

Alexander states: “Due to the size of our amazing volunteer network and sophisticated matching technology, the app now enables our blind and visually impaired users to request assistance in their native language 24 hours a day. Due to the extremely high volume of volunteers, we want to stress that blind and visually impaired can, and should, feel free to request help as much as you want without ever disturbing anyone. In fact, we have many eager volunteers who are still waiting to receive their first help request!”

While “Be My Eyes” has only had an IOS App since its launching, folks using Android devices will also begin to appreciate this service in the next three weeks by providing an update for both platforms.

Co-Chair, Ken Metz

Co-Chair: Alan Lemly