Special Note: This Webinar is held on the second Thursday of each month.

APH Talking PC Maps Webinar Dates and Topics
The American Printing House for the Blind, in collaboration with the Sendero Group and Accessible World, is pleased to offer orientation and mobility specialists, teachers of persons with visual impairments, other professionals dealing with visual impairments, and students and adults with visual impairments a series of audio webinars on APH Talking PC Maps. Webinars are scheduled on the second Thursday of each month from September 2012 through April 2013 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific, 5:00 p.m. Mountain, 6:00 p.m. Central, and 7:00 p.m. Eastern. To participate in these webinars, point your browser to:
The first time you attend a webinar, you will need to install a small piece of software on your computer. Do this by clicking the Download link on the above web page. After you install the software, click the link that says, “Click here to enter the Room.”
If you cannot attend the webinar in person, webinars will be archived at Look for the link for APH Talking PC Maps under the Archives heading.

If you have any questions about webinars or about APH Talking PC Maps, please contact Terrie Terlau by phone at 502-899-2381 or by email at

Maps Webinar Dates and Topics
Thursday 9/13/12, 7:00 pm EST Activating, Licensing, Updating, and Using Maps
Thursday 10/11/12, 7:00 pm EST Setting Current Position and Basic Exploration

Thursday 11/8/12, 7:00 pm EST What are Points of Interest and How Do I Use Them

Thursday 12/13/12, 7:00 pm EST Side of Street Tracking and Moving by Point of Interest while Exploring

Thursday 1/10/13, 7:00 pm EST Software-Created Routes and How to Create, Use, Save, Print, Emboss, and Transfer Them

Thursday 2/14/13, 7:00 pm EST User-Created Routes and User POI and Intersection Annotations

Thursday 3/14/13, 7:00 pm EST Using Maps in Classroom and O&M Instruction

Thursday 4/11/13, 7:00 pm EST Using Maps in Transition Education (e.g., Budget Development and Career Planning) and On-the-job