Science Fiction Club Sundiver by David Brin

Our book, Sundiver by David Brin, is available both from BARD, and in Publisher Quality from Bookshare.
The page to download the BARD version is at:
The Bookshare Publisher Quality version is at:
Here is the NLS Annotation:
Jacob Demwa feels that it is time to leave the Center for Uplift and
his research with dolphins and chimps. Opportunely Fagin, his E.T. (extraterrestrial)
friend, invites him to join Expedition Sundiver based on Mercury to explore strange
phenomena on the sun.
Bookshare’s Synopsis reads as follows:
No species has ever reached for the stars without the guidance of a patron--except
perhaps mankind. Did some mysterious race begin the uplift of humanity aeons ago?
Circling the sun, under the caverns of Mercury, Expedition Sundiver prepares for
the most momentous voyage in history--a journey into the boiling inferno of the sun.