Science Fiction club Jem by Frederik Pohl

Our next book is a tale of first contact with not one but three aliens, on a planet which might be humanity's last chance, in Jem by Frederik Pohl.

Our book, Jem by Frederik Pohl, is available from BARD. The download link is:

The NLS annotation reads:

The three political power blocs of Earth rush to colonize and exploit the newly discovered planet, Jem. Rivalry over the new planet heightens political tensions, leading to war on Earth and the corruption of the intelligent life forms of Jem. Some of the colonists on Jem recognize the new planet as humanity's last chance. With this story, the author indicts that stupidity, aggression, and irresponsibility arising from conflicts between differing value systems.

A version is also on Bookshare, but it was added in March of 2002 and is rated only Fair. Lissi and I have a copy on its way and it will be scanned and proofread as quickly as humanly possible. I will announce it as soon as it gets into the collection.

Come join us next month to talk about this book, or anything else having to do with SF literature.