Science Fiction club The Flicker Men

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The NLS Annotation reads:

Unemployed quantum physicist Eric Argus is hired
at a research lab by a friend. After experimenting with old
equipment, Eric establishes observation of an evolutionary
trait that may be the soul. Soon, however, Eric encounters
people who appear to be "soulless," and one of his fellow
scientists vanishes. Some violence. 2015.

Here's a brief review from Publishers Weekly:

Kosmatka (Prophet of Bones) effectively harnesses his impressive imagination in the service of a mind-blowing
plot in this outstanding SF thriller. Struggling physicist Eric Argus, who has been
contemplating suicide, gets a chance to rehabilitate his career by taking a provisional
job at Massachusetts's Hansen Research. The parameters of his work are loose enough
to allow him to conduct whatever research he wants, as long as it has scientific
merit. Despite, or perhaps because of, this freedom, Eric is unable to gain any traction-until
he decides to recreate the classic wave-particle experiment on the nature of quantum
mechanics. Eric finds that conscious observation somehow affects the position of
electrons passing through a slit. When he takes the inquiry a step further, to see
whether animals could affect electrons by observing them, he gets an unexpected result
that ends up having highly dramatic consequences. Ingenious plot twists, well-realized
characters, and superior prose elevate this above similar books.