For this Sunday, October 28, 2012, we are going to talk about various kitchen items that are being presented this weekend by the two top shopping channels, Home Shopping Network (HSN), and QVC. Today, Saturday, HSN has had a 24-hour cooking day, and starting at 11 p.m. this evening, Eastern time, QVC will be having 25 hours of nothing but cooking items and foods.

If any of you watch these shows, we’d like to talk with you during our program of what you saw that you might like, how you felt the presentations were made by the show hosts, and any other comments you might have. If we do this, we just might be able to get some of these show hosts on our future programs by sending them a copy of the program. If you haven’t watched, we will be discussing several great cooking items.

An example of the special of the day on HSN today, Saturday, was a Soda Stream machine. I did order it and will talk about it tomorrow, and perhaps one or more of you has this machine and could explain it further from the end user point of view.

Ken Metz (kenmetz1946@gmail.com) and
Ruth Ann Acosta (ruth1244@gmail.com)

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