Navigating and Using With Ease

Presenter: Woody Anna Dresner, National Braille Press.
(888) 965-8965
If you have subscribed to, the popular source for a wide variety of audio content, and use a screen reader, it is certain you have experienced some frustrations navigating its information packed web pages.
During this week's Accessible World Tek Talk event Anna Dresner, acclaimed author of several technology books and editor of numerous publications, will provide the basic steps to minimize, if not eliminate altogether, many problem areas.
Anna will provide a comprehensive overview of the content of, , the various account options available, how to set up then manage the, and how to take advantage of the discounts on mp3 players. She will then discuss in detail Searching for a book, Browsing categories, Playing samples, Adding to wish list, Adding to shopping cart, including how credits are handled, Finding and downloading programs in the library, and Controlling wish list Using podcasts.
As the presentation concludes, Anna will discuss how to listen to the downloaded books. This will include using Audible Manager to transfer books to the Audible Player for reading on the PC,the Olympus, BookPort BookCourier and/or iPod.