Living with Vision Loss" hosted by Darla Rogers and Ken Metz - Topic relationships

Special Note:
This program just has a new name, Living with Vision Loss.

Ladies and gentlemen:

Welcome to "Living with Vision Loss" hosted by Darla Rogers and Ken Metz, two former Rehabilitation Counselors and previous Accessible World Presenters. This time we are combining our efforts and personal knowledge, and information we have gathered over many years of our lives to bring you what we believe will be interesting topics of discussion over many months.

Our first topic will involve relationships between sighted/blind, as well as blind/blind. What has been your experience that you are willing to share with all of us on the program? We will ask how you began dating if you were congenitally blind or if you were adventitiously blind. How have your relationships been if you lost your vision later in life with your spouse if you were married, or dating after losing vision as an adult?

Facilitators: Darla Rogers,
Ken Metz: