A Journey through History reviewing Enemies a History of the FBI

NEWSWIRE: Journey through History to meet January 2, 2018 to review ‘Enemies: a History of the FBI’ 
Last Tuesday Co-host David Faucheux led us into two different worlds with Historical Fiction stories of 18
century Japan and the legendary bayous of 1907 Louisiana. However, our return to today’s real world of hard facts in this month book may show us a modern world as alien as that of the medieval Japanese Shoganate. Our comfortable security blanket of the Bill of Right is shredded by the release of over 70 thousand pages of formerly classified FBI documents disclosing a history of illegal “arrests, detentions, break-ins, burglaries and wire tap.”
Can these illegalities be blamed on a homophobic, racist FBI Director? If not, does an anti-espionage program require “stealing other people’s secrets, breaking into their houses, tapping their phones, reading their email”?
Can this be done within the rule of law?
Can The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court which meets atop the Department of Justice Building keep the FBI within the rule of law and safeguard our liberties?
We will be trying to answer these questions on January 2, 2018. 
Enemies: a history of the FBI DB88854
Weiner, Tim. Reading time: 18 hours, 35 minutes.
Read by Stefan Rudnicki.
True Crime
A Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning former reporter provides a history of the FBI's secret intelligence operations, including America's war on terrorists, spies, and any others deemed subversive. Discusses how the FBI's intelligence and surveillance techniques have created a tug-of-war between protecting national security and infringing upon civil liberties. Unrated. Commercial audio book. 2012.