This month, Darla Rogers is leading a discussion about blind role models. Her bio and description of the topic are below:

My name is Darla Rogers. I have been living in Gladstone, Missouri for almost three years. As a young person, I worked a variety of jobs at Braille Institute in Los Angeles including switchboard operator, braille proofreader and reader advisor. In 1990, I decided to finally finish college once and for all--I had tried twice before with less than exemplary results. I received my A.A. from Linn-Benton College (Albany Oregon), my B.A. in social science with a public health minor at Western Oregon state College (Monmouth), and my M.S. in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from Western Oregon University. I matriculated with honors all three times.
Since then, I have worked as a general rehabilitation counselor. I worked two blindness caseloads, an Abuse Registry Counselor for the Florida Department of Family Services and Independent Living Specialist. I am currently seeking work after having to leave a job for family reasons. At my last job, we were setting up a new mentor program. For independent living centers, it is desirable to have your peers, (though ILS's with disabilities by virtue of the work we do, are often viewed as role models.)
Who have been your blind role models and why? Have you had different blind role models who were good at different things? What have you learned from your role models? Have you been role models to other blind people, and what do you think they have learned from you?

Presenters: Darla Rogers and Dr. Sharon Hughey