Fiction, Old and New Time & Again by Jack Finney

This book is categorized as science fiction but only one small element of the story falls into that category.  The book is about a program to send people back in time.  Most of the book is about our hero’s experiences in 1890s New York City.  He intends to find out why his present day girlfriends grandfather killed himself.  He stays in a boarding house where he meets a woman he likes.  Unfortunately she is engaged to a scoundrel.  Our man sets out to expose him with dire consequences.  The NLS annotation below is not accurate.  Cuba only comes up in this book in the last half hour.  The story is more about the wonder of discovering 1890s New York plus the suspense & adventure of trying to expose a bad guy & solve the mystery of the suicide.
Here’s the NLS annotation:
Time and again DB23888
Finney, Jack
. Reading time: 15 hours, 32 minutes.

Read by James DeLotel.

Science Fiction

A government-sponsored program that prepares people for time travel sends a man to nineteenth-century New York City with instructions to change history so Cuba will become a United States possession.

Sherry Wells
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