What does it take to start a business? Is running a business right for you; do you have the right personality for a small business owner? What type of business would best suit you? Our next speaker will talk about starting your own business. Some of the things he will cover are:
The check list before you sirve your first customer:
- Business planning
- Legal requirements
- Insurance
Funding your business
Growing your small business:
- Networking
- Customer satisfaction
- Time and resource management
How Hadley can help you.

Tom Babinszki is the director of the Forsythe Center for Entrepreneurship at the Hadley School for the Blind where he has been involved with the accessibility of information technology as well as the education of blind and visually impaired people. Mr. Babinszki has presented at conferences world wide, and has trained the first visually impaired accessibility consultants in South-East Asia. Prior to moving to the United States, he had worked in Hungary promoting equal opportunities for blind people in higher education.

Group Discussion Leaders
Ruth Ann Acosta,
Robert Acosta