Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Keys for Use in the Accessible World conference rooms provided by Talking communities

Once you have joined a conference room on the Accessible World site, you can use the following hot keys. These keys are defined by the Talking Communities Conferencing software so work the same with both Jaws and Window Eyes.

CONTROLL Hitting the CONTROL key will allow you to speak if you have a microphone. You will hear a chirp sound when it is your turn to speak. Continue to hold the CONTROL key down until you are finished speaking.
F6 Moves you to the Web Browser where the Newswire is displayed. You can use the arrow keys to read information about the current program
F7 Moves you to the list of participants portion of the screen. You can use the arrow keys to move up & down the list. At the very top of the list, you can see who is currently speaking or if the microphone is available. .
F8 Moves you to the text box portion of the screen. Here you can type in a question or comment. Hit enter after you finish typing to send your text to the chat window. These comments / questions are generally read by one of the moderators of the program.
F9 Moves you to the chat window portion of the screen. Use the arrow keys to hear what others have typed in as comments or questions.
Alt E Tells you who is talking.
NOTE - this does not always seem to work well.
Alt R This will allow you to start recording a session. You will be prompted for a name to be used for your recording file. Enter a short name and hit enter to begin recording. When finished, hit alt R again to stop recording. Tab once to select No & hit enter. The recording, an MP3 file, will be stored in the My Conference Recording folder. There could be an icon already on your desktop for My Conference Recordings. If not, you will have to find it on your hard drive.
Alt P Will pause recording. This is a toggle key, hit alt P again to resume recording.